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Complete Toastmaster

Jonathan Waterman is an award winning wedding and events specialist toastmaster, coordinator, consultant, MC and compere. Jonathan is based in London and often engaged to travel both UK nationwide and worldwide.

Jonathan is known for his high energy levels, enthusiasm and general organisation and liveliness. Jonathan works with you closely from day one as your wedding consultant; he will build the schedule, coordinate everything both prior to and on the day and more.

Jonathan’s ‘signature fine tuning service’ plays a very big part in the whole planning and coordination process, speaking with everyone from both sides of the family in advance, hair and makeup, cars, all suppliers to check the times they will be present, make sure the photo/video gets into the brides groom at the correct time for bridal prep and ensuring the room is clutter free and more. Jonathan also keeps everything running to schedule on the day, he is fully conversant with all traditions, which includes lots of guest interaction and special ceremonies and games. He will also dress according to your wishes and work according to your style. He is a very big team player and everyone is there to support everyone else. Jonathan will make all announcements in a very charismatic way and work with the clients on a personal level.

It is your day and Jonathan’s expertise will make your day very special and memorable.