• Hound Dog (Elvis Cover)
  • Feeling Good (Michael Buble Cover)
  • Sex Is On Fire (Kings of Leon Cover)

Damiain Lodrick

  • Genres
    Rock, Pop, Blues, Motown, Soul

Damiain Lodrick

Damiain is an international vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who has sung and played a vast array of different genres and styles of music around the globe and all over the UK for various functions. His highly professional attitude and very approachable personality are what make him a must have for your function.

He has a variety of different shows and sets that can be tailored to your specific needs. From the hits of Sinatra and Buble, to Rock Legends and Retro Disco, Motown and Soul (including The Blues Brothers and The Commitments) classics and a massive repertoire of modern floor fillers are the main ingredients for a highly entertaining and unforgettable night.

If you require something more stripped back, Damiain can also play with no backing tracks: just a piano, guitar and his voice. He can also either, sing and play with a 4-7 piece band.


Damiains Full Repertoire