UK Beach Boys

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UK Beach Boys

The Beach Boys are one of the most successful bands of all time, and are often referred to as ‘America’s Band.’

Their music has appealed to all age groups around the world for decades, and are still just as popular today.  No other band from the USA has had such a major influence on other bands and musicians that followed.

The “UK Beach Boys” spent over 6 months preparing and rehearsing a show that could faithfully reproduce the Beach Boys’ magical sound.

They have now been performing their show to audiences all over the UK, and Europe for the past 14 years, and receive many compliments from clients, venues, and fellow musicians alike.

The UK Beach Boys have a repertoire of over 35 songs, including all the major hits from 1962 to present day, both here and in the USA, and are proud to be a completely “live” act, without resorting to the use of backing tracks to produce their show.

If there was a style of music that epitomised ‘Summer,’ then the Beach Boys are surely it, and the UK Beach Boys continue to bring the Sound of Summer to audiences everywhere.

The UK Beach Boys are Keeping the Summer Alive.