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A fire performance artist, led performer and pyro technician.

I have been trained in theatre and dance my whole life and pride myself on bringing a strong and dynamic performance to my routines; I can also hold my own in ambient and podium style performances as well as providing a bespoke combination of my skills to bring an extra wow factor to any event.

I have many different costumes and themes for performances and have enjoyed providing a whole repertoire of styles from ethereal and elegant to feisty and rocky. I enjoy working hard to create something that is perfect for whatever event I am booked for. I have a professional ethic towards my work and can proudly say that, in my entire spanning over 15 years, I have very rarely missed a show.

My other skills as producer, events manager, promoter, creative director, stage manager and entertainments manager have given me a very strong knowledge of any performance environment I may encounter. I am also fully insured and risk assessed.


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